Rules 2-7-15

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Rules 2-7-15

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 07, 2015 7:08 am

- No PVP at all.
- Please do not take/claim any buildings in 0,0 city so new players have access.
- Outside of the 0,0 city the only buildings that can't be claimed are the stores and police stations.
- Any prefab can be claimed.
- No griefing allowed.
- If a building is not protected that building can be broken into.
- Treat everyone with respect. No drama will be permitted
- If you would like to see changes made to the server, post those ideas on this forum.    Any cosmetic item will be looked into, but anything like recipes for beakers, chainsaws, etc. will not be because they change the way the game is played.
- Do not destroy any crates that contain loot, such as hardware store boxes, munition crates, etc. This will result in auto-ban.


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